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Squamish Guided Hikes

Photo Tour and Interpretive Hike

Join us this summer for a unique guided journey through the temperate

rainforest of Squamish’s Coast Mountains. Follow our local,

knowledgeable guide on a hike through Smoke Bluffs Park and Crumpit

Woods with an emphasis on photography, enjoyment and growth.

Enjoy unique views of the Coast Mountains including Garibaldi Mountain, The

Chief, and Lapworth, as well as views of Howe Sound and the community of

Squamish. The tour provides excellent landscape, naturalist and

portrait opportunities, as well as photography tips and tutoring. Learn

about Squamish’s natural history and local recreation cultures as you

meander along wooded trails and cliff tops while capturing lifelong


The route covers steep and occasionally rocky terrain

along moderate to difficult paths, so all participants are strongly

encouraged to wear sturdy footwear and bring plenty of water. Light

snacks will be provided.